Timpack provides one of the most reliable and comprehensive lines of products and services in the timber based packaging industry.

For many of our customers this provides the convenience and economy of 'single-sourcing' their packaging and service needs.


Pallets Pallets

The pallet is the very foundation of Timpack’s success. The pallet revolutionised the transport industry when first introduced and it is still the cornerstone of a cost-effective transport system. The pallet is available in a range of sizes in both 2 and 4 way entry configurations.

Bearer / Stringer (2-way entry) Pallet

The 2-way pallet has a solid bearer or stringer separating top and bottom deck boards. They can be entered and lifted by fork hoists and pallet jacks from only the two ends, thus the term 2 way. The design can be racked or static (stacked on the ground) depending on your requirements.  




Block (4-way entry) Pallet

Block pallets are used for four way access with fork hoists and trolley jacks from any direction. Usually made up of rectangular blocks which separate the top deck and the bottom deck.  This pallet is good for use in areas where space is limited and therefore access to all sides of the pallet are ideal.

Partial 4-way Pallet

This is a bearer pallet that has two notches in the side of the outside bearers, or is built with a bearer and smaller block.

This only allows access from front and sides with a fork hoist and not by pallet jack.

Skid Pallet

This design has a top deck and bearers only. There are no bottom deck boards - it is a cost effective option for a one way pallet. An option to include a wing to assist the products on top of the pallet by providing a lip for the stretch wrap to link on to is also available.


Refurbished Pallets

Timpack offers our customers a range of refurbished pallets. As an added service we collect used pallets and refurbish them for resale to provide a cost effective option.

Bins Bins

Display & Retail Bins

Timpack manufactures bins for retail and display. Timpack provides display bins for a number of NZ’s largest retail stores. These bins are used at point of purchase, therefore the quality of the materials, painting, stencilling and manufacture must be consistently to high standards.







Export & Transport Bins

Export bins are used for bulk export and therefore require the stored products to be in them for long periods of time. It is vital the bin is designed to ensure the quality of the fruit or vegetables are maintained. They must be designed to optimise the freight and meet ISPM certification.




Field Bins

These bins are used in the field when picking fruit or vegetables eg. kiwifruit, apples, onions, and potatoes and transporting to the pack houses. The bins can be purchased as un-treated or H3 & H4 Treated, 2 Way or 4 Way entry.

Storage & CA Bins (Controlled Atmosphere)

Controlled Atmosphere is used to preserve fruit and vegetables in storage. This requires specially designed and manufactured bins to ensure the stored products receive the optimal temperature. Other storage uses are common such as engineering products, electrical equipment and many more. We can tailor the design to your requirements.

Crates Crates

Customised Crates

We can make any crate any size for any range of products you wish to freight or store. Please contact a Timpack representative for a free quote.

Shipping Crates

We can make any crate any size for any range of products you wish to freight or store.  We use specifically designed clips to ensure your product remains safe on its journey.  Please contact a Timpack representative for a free quote.


Cable Drums Cable Drums

Customised Cable Drums

Timpack have a purpose built facility for the processing and assembly of cable drum components. We supply one of NZ’s leading players in high technology cables for energy and communications. The cable drum is exposed to many demanding work environments and has to be built strong and durable. We build a range of sizes from 400 – 1800 Flanges.