Providing the dairy, horticulture, meat and manufacturing industries with the most comprehensive lines of services and products since 1984.

History History

The History of Timpack

Strong Dynamic

Since 1984 Timpack Industries Ltd has been at the cutting edge of timber based packaging in New Zealand. Timpack first started in manufacturing pallets and bulk bins for the New Zealand Dairy industry but rapidly expanded to produce a diverse range of timber componentry including boxes, crates, cable drums and furniture components.

Timpack’s total pallet and bin solutions has expanded to include 3rd Party Management and control systems.

Timpack is a major supplier of timber-based packaging to New Zealand’s dairy, horticulture, meat and manufacturing industries, employing over 200 staff. Head office is in Hamilton and we have facilities in Auckland, Hamilton, Mount Maunganui, New Plymouth, Nelson and Dunedin.


Smarter Faster

Timpack were quick to recognise the benefits technology could bring to the traditional timber industry.

Modern timber reprocessing plants use computer controlled machinery to produce an extremely high quality product that meets strict criteria for hygiene, robustness and load bearing.

Timpack’s passion for customer service, utilising multi site facilities, enables Timpack to provide unparalleled support to their customer’s ever changing needs.

Timpack prides itself on running a progressive, practical and forward thinking operation that values people with ideas. It has a well deserved reputation for innovation and has recorded many “firsts” for the timber industry.


Timpack was the first New Zealand company in the pallet industry to:

  • Be certified to the international ISO 9002 Quality standard.
  • Gain New Zealand certification for finger jointing timber components.
  • Establish a pallet and bin refurbishment and recycling plant.
  • Be approved to manufacture 'Chep USA' pallets.
  • Be Licensed to use PDS, a computerised Pallet Design System.
  • Use computerised "beam nailers" for pallet production.
  • Be certified to the international ISO 14001 Enviromental standard.
  • Gain accreditation from Forest certification body for use of sustainable wood product.

Environmental Sustainability & Accreditations Environmental Sustainability & Accreditations

Timpack Environmental Sustainability & Accreditations


Environmental Sustainability

As a base for the product range Timpack uses only the pick of New Zealand’s versatile Radiata Pine, a renewable and sustainable natural resource. Timpack recognises the need to better care for the environment.

Timpack works hard to meet the challenges of pallet disposal with practical cost effective ways to recycle.

Timpack’s recycling operations refurbish pallets and bins making better use of the timber resource and reducing the amount of timber packaging sent to landfills.



  • ISPM 15

  • ISO 9001:2008

  • ISO 14001:2004 (Hamilton site)



Tribute to Rob Tribute to Rob

Tribute to Robert William Wood

22nd July 1949 - 12th January 2011

Rob was an entrepreneur, businessman, leader, mentor, friend and a consummate stirrer! Rob set out to create the leading pallet manufacturer in New Zealand by establishing Timpack Industries Ltd in 1984. A goal he achieved by his absolute commitment to the customer and maintaining the highest standards.


Rob's List of Achievements with Timpack:

•   First pallet company to have an accredited quality system.

•   First to adopt computer aided pallet design.

•   First to import an automated pallet making machine.

•   Imported Chilean pine (when the mills were trying to strong arm the industry).

•   Set up Dairy Logistics to undertake a national bid for the dairy industry pallet & bin business to compete against bids from huge international companies.


Rob established a staff culture at Timpack which resulted in the average length of service being greater than 10 years, with many staff having clocked up over 20 years.

Rob, you were our inspirational leader, and mentor. You gave us P.R.I.D.E. You leave behind a great company. A place where you will not be forgotten and where your spirit and standards live on. Your sense of humour will be missed.

Always in our thoughts - Your staff at Timpack Industries Ltd.